Practical quality products to help you live in line with your values and bring home food not waste.


Unique Design


Like all good Kiwis Alex loves the beach, and like the good Westie and yogi that she is, came up with 'Eco Mule' while hanging out at Piha with a car full of plastic rubbish and desperately needing to make change!


THE GOAL: start to live her values of sustainability, her desire to enjoy nature, travel, food and coffee with less waste and pollution NOW. And help others do the same.

We Value:

  • Spending time in nature, New Zealand's beaches, forests, rivers and lakes 

  • Fresh food, local produce, delicious coffee, our world-class wine

  • Quality of life, learning, progress, innovation

  • Community and connection

We desperately need to live in line with these values NOW to ensure they are available in the future and eliminate waste with reuse-a-mule products that are:

  • Durable, long lasting, easily repaired

  • If possible, organic and biodegradable

  • Free from packaging during sourcing and shipping 

  • Ethically made

  • Have online care instructions

  • Affordable and accessible 

  • Easy to use​

We want all Kiwi families to have the know-how and the can-do to eliminate their plastic waste. 

When you shop with Jack as a conscious consumer and an A.S.S., you are voting with your dollar for a world where businesses and consumers prioritise people, the planet and animals. 

Meet Jack, he's half donkey but he's Already, Sustainably Savvy (ASS) and he's here to bring great reuse-a-mule products to Kiwi homes, business, bars and eateries. 

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For wholesale and customised products.
Here at Eco Mule our number one priority helping Kiwis reduce their plastic and live in line with our nations clean, green values (we don't care who's logo is on it).

Reuse-a-mule. Sustain-a-mule. Afford-a-mule.

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