Meet Jack the mule, he's only half donkey, but he is full A.S.S. (already sustainability savvy) and he wants to make sure all Kiwis are able to live in line with our nations clean, green values.

Eco Mule was created to provide reuse-a-mule products that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Let's make it durable and long lasting, able to be used over and over again. And we reckon, if it can be organic and bio-degradable, let's make it that way first time.

We want all Kiwi families to have the know-how and the can-do to eliminate their plastic waste. Our easy to use products are sold in kits at affordable bulk prices. We're done the hard thinking and chosen the best possible products.

We are a conscious Kiwi owned business focused on benefit for everyone. We've made every effort to work with suppliers that are fair and environmentally conscious. We've tried extra-hard to eliminate the need for packaging during sourcing and shipping that's why all of our care instructions are on the website and your products are shipped to you without plastic or tags. 

We also custom source and create kits for your business with your logo, if it means less waste amongst our native trees and beautiful waters, we don't care who's brand is on it. 

When you shop with Jack as a conscious consumer and an A.S.S., you are voting with your dollar for a world where businesses and consumers prioritise people, the planet and animals. 

Eco Mule was created and maintained by Aleksandra, while hanging on on Piha Beach in West Auckland and wondering how she can start living her clean green sustainability values TODAY! If you want to learn more, watch her Radio Live interview on our Blog, under 'Our Work'.


Reuse-a-mule. Sustain-a-mule. Afford-a-mule.

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