Take your Mule to Market. These durable and washable organic cotton bags perfect for the weekly shop and more. 


These are designed to replace all of plastic bags offered at supermarkets, particularly in the produce section and bulk isle. They are also great in any circumstance where they can replace a single use plastics, for example flour, pasta, rice, anything you need a lot of. 


The extra-large drawstring is made from a heavy 8oz fabric and is designed to keep your bread fresh or lug heavy duty items such as spuds or dog biscuits. They are a solid 30 x 45cm (shrinking is accounted for).


Please note, the bags are made of a natural cotton, just like a pair of jeans they will shrink and stretch. All the bags will shrink a little with the first wash, this is why we made them two centimetres bigger than the dimesnions stated. Do not be alarmed at their initial size or their shrinkage! Just like your favourite pair of jeans, you will grow to love them with use!

Bread Drawstring Bag

  • It is a good idea to wash before first use. 


    The bags can be washed as needed in the washing machine, we recommend a eco-friendly, fragrance free detergent. They will shrink small amount if hot machine washed or tumbled dry, we have accounted for this in their size, they arrive a little bigger than the dimensions. If you wish to avoid this and increase their lifespan, please cold hand wash and hang to dry. 

Reuse-a-mule. Sustain-a-mule. Afford-a-mule.

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