This thirsty Mule know's what he likes, highballs and collins only! Hot espresso served over ice or a looooong lemonade. 


Single use plastic straws are used once and never leave the planet, their either end up buried in landfill or worse with the potential to harm in the ocean.


Make a statement by whipping out your reusable straw, especially when guests come visit.


These are made from high borosilicate heat-resistant glass material, it’s safe and chemical free. 


The set contains:


2 long, straight drinking straws, 8mm diameter 

2 long, straight drinking straws, 10mm diameter

1 cleaning brush

Cardboard box to keep them safe 

Glass Straw Mule

SKU: 1802
  • Warm soapy wash with eco-friendly detergent with the use of the brush .


    Dishwasher safe, place carefully free of moving parts.

Reuse-a-mule. Sustain-a-mule. Afford-a-mule.

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